Thursday, December 23, 2010

Notes on the History of Adare

This publication resulted from the confluence of several events. Last year I happened to acquire a beautiful copy of ‘Notes on the History of Adare’ written in 1929 by The Honourable Captain Valentine Wyndham Quin R.N., brother of the 6th Earl of Dunraven. Despite living in Adare for several years, I had not come across it before and I was very taken with it. My initial thought was that it deserved to be made available to a wider audience today. On reflection it occurred to me, due to its relative antiquity, that, any re-publication would benefit greatly from an update to 2010 reflecting the very many changes that have occurred in the past eighty years. At the time all this was happening, there were proposals to raise funds for the restoration of the roof of The Holy Trinity Abbey Church. On discussing the matter with the Earl and Countess of Dunraven, they expressed immediate support and enthusiasm for the project, for which I remain most grateful.

In terms of structure, it was agreed unanimously that the original text from 1929 should be presented in its original format. Accordingly, the original publication from 1929 is presented first with the updated notes following thereafter.

The bright future envisioned in 1929 by Captain Wyndham Quin, when he published his ‘Notes on the History of Adare’ has come to pass. One area of obvious change has been with regard to transportation. Adare is in fact unrecognisable on all main approaches due to relatively recent road building and improvements. The key elements of which are listed in the Chronology. Important events, for example, the arrival of the Rural Electrification Scheme and the closure of Adare’s rail service, are noted. Details regarding the addition of new housing developments and amenities which include The Heritage Centre, The Park, The Trent Jones Golf Course and The Manor Fields recreational grounds are also listed in a timeline format. Captain Wyndham Quin recorded that the population of Adare in 1848 was 1,000 inhabitants and in 1929 was only 600. Recent census figures found that Adare has 1300 inhabitants. The parish of Adare has also seen a large increase in population due changes in lifestyle and living patterns.  

Captain Wyndham Quin in 1929 referred to the increasing number of visitors from home and abroad to Adare. He expressed the hope that his publication would assist the visitor in appreciating Adare and its beauties. It is my sincerest hope that this booklet will not only benefit the Church Restoration Fund and will be of interest not just to visitors to Adare but also to the residents of Adare and its environs. I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Earl and Countess Dunraven for their encouragement and support, both financial and otherwise. This project would also not have been possible without the support and assistance of my wife, Tracey Fitzgerald, to whom we are also indebted fro the photographs in this booklet. The original publication was printed at Abbey Printing Works, Kilmallock, County Limerick, and we are pleased that the re-publication of the original booklet, with additional notes, is again being printed locally, this time by Fitzsimons Printers of Shanagolden, County Limerick. We would like to express our thanks to Fitzsimons Printers and indeed to many others who have contributed in many ways to this publication. Every effort has been made to be as accurate as possible and any errors are unintentional. The entire of the proceeds from the sale of the one thousand copies published will go towards this worthwhile cause.

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